Utah Land Ownership

I was glad to see last week that the legislature is studying the feasibility of transferring federal lands to state ownership. This is an important study and I look forward to its findings. To get an idea of how hard federal land ownership has been on us, I recommend this month's issue of Imprimis. At 67%, Utah has the second highest percentage of land owned by Washington. That includes huge oil and coal deposits that could be an economic boon to Utah and provide a strong funding source for education. I would encourage you to visit the American Lands Council web site to find out what is being done to take back our lands. I also encourage each of you to consider getting a free subscription to Imprimis. Its a great read every month. 

Finally, I really liked Minnesota's move to dump unneeded laws and would like to see Utah do something similar. I have passed a number of bills removing unnecessary restrictions and would like to see that trend continue.