State GOP Convention

Last Saturday was the Utah State GOP Convention. This was an opportunity for delegates to gather and select nominees for many statewide and federal offices as well as many State Legislature offices. The results for the federal offices were as follows:

U.S. Congress District 1:

Rob Bishop: 767 votes, or 80.74 percent.
David Yu-Lin Chiu: 183 votes, or 19.26 percent.

U.S. Congress District 2:

Chris Stewart: 602 votes, or 67.79 percent.
Larry Meyers: 191 votes, or 25.51 percent.
Vaughn Hatton: 53 votes, or 5.9 percent.
Zachary Hartman: 42 votes, or 4.73 percent.

U.S. Congress District 3:

Jason Chaffetz: 838 votes, or 87.17 percent.
Robert J. Stevens: 65 votes, or 6.42 percent.
Mark Hedengren: 65 votes, or 6.42 percent.

U.S. Congress District 4:

Mia Love: 662 votes, or 78.74 percent.
Bob Fuehr: 181 votes, or 21.26 percent.

We also heard from all the current statewide office holders along with our U.S. Senators. Mike Lee talked about a privacy bill he is working on to prevent federal investigators from accessing email with an administrative subpoena. He mentioned that this law was written in the 90's and is completely out of date. I had to agree with that and in fact I had passed a similar bill in 2012 to prevent state investigators from accessing your email data without a search warrant. If you would like to see the text of my bill you can click here.

As always please write or call if you have any questions.

Safely dispose of all your unused medications this Saturday.

One of the best ways to prevent people from getting addicted to prescription drugs is to get rid of medications that you no longer have a need for. This Saturday is a national take back day. Police officers will be set up at a number of locations to take back and dispose of your unused medications. I would encourage you to take advantage of this and make your home a safer place. You can click here to find a location near you.

To find out more about the dangers of prescription drug abuse you can visit the Use Only As Directed web site. This site and campaign was started in 2007 from legislation that I sponsored to help curb the problems of prescription drug abuse.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Tonight is where it all begins.

Many of you may have heard that I have decided to run for the State House of Representatives. These last two years have been a great learning experience for me and I am anxious to put my knowledge and experience to work for you. I'm asking for your help. Please go to caucus tonight and either support people who will vote for me or run to be a delegate yourself. I look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks. Here is a news story of me filing for office. Enjoy!

I need your help.

One of the greatest privileges I've had in my life was serving Orem and the state of Utah for eight years in the House of Representatives. I had the opportunity to work on many important initiatives including prescription drug abuse, election transparency and integrity, health care reform, protecting children from child predators, and getting funding for expanding Utah Valley University. I have taken great pleasure in working with you, learning of your concerns and ideas and always giving you a respectful ear.

I worked hard to not simply be a placeholder, but to roll up my sleeves and genuinely try to solve problems. Through my effort I gained a reputation as a hard working and effective legislator. I believe one of the greatest testaments to my effectiveness was the fact that an unknown entity was willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defeat me. At the time I couldn't prove who it was and had nowhere near enough resources to counter the attack.

Since that defeat I have watched with great interest as those perpetrating the attack have been brought into the light. All of the truths coming forth have prompted me to reflect on whether or not my political career is indeed over. That's where I need your help. I am asking a small group of trusted friends to meet with me this Thursday for a candid conversation about what my next political move should be. I'm hoping you can come and give me your honest opinion.

We are meeting at Ivan Keller's home at 420 S 1000 E in Orem on Thursday, January 9 at 7PM. We will try to keep the meeting to one hour. Also you can expect a phone call in the next few days to confirm your attendance.

Thank you again for your friendship over these past years.

Storage of Electronic Records

One of the bills I'm sponsoring, which just passed out of the committee of Public Utilities and Technology this week, prevents any organization or agency from accessing private emails without a warrant. Today, any email left on an internet server over 180 days is accessible to any government agency without any form of written notification. This wasn't necessarily a problem back in the early 1990's before Yahoo and Gmail, when emails were only stored on the server until they were retrieved by a personal computer. However this is no longer the case. Today, all emails are stored electronically on an internet server and they remain there unless deleted. As a supporter of limited government I feel that this law is grossly out of date and in need of correction. This bill is essentially nothing but strike through, eliminating the harmful provisions of the current law, which I believe are a serious violation of privacy.

Electronic Meetings for Charter Schools

This bill essentially authorizes charter schools to conduct and convene electronic meetings on a website available to the public. This would allow for the public to monitor the meetings and, if allowed, to participate. The public would be able to read all content and votes posted to the website by members of the board and would also be able to comment by adding their own content to the site. Overall this bill is a minor alteration to the Open and Public Meetings Act with the intention of making board meetings more easily accessible to the public as well as to the board members.


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